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Our Gluten-Reduced Beer

Not only do we have Gluten Free and vegan food options here at Nighthawk, but most of the beer brewed here is Gluten Reduced as well!

How is this even possible? The wort is brewed normally with various gluten containing grains but during the fermentation process, while the yeast is working its magic, our brewers add in a natural enzyme that has one job: to break down gluten proteins. Once added, the amount of gluten in our beer is drastically reduced to around 20 parts per million or less. While that decrease is significant, that does not necessarily mean our beer is gluten FREE – it is only gluten REDUCED, so if you have a gluten sensitivity chances are you won’t have any problems drinking our beer (though this depends entirely on how sensitive you are). If you have Celiac Disease, we would still encourage you to be a little more cautious.

The gluten reduction process is a new one and we are one of only a few breweries taking steps in the gluten reduced direction, but we pride ourselves in being able to say that the gluten reduction process has no effect on the taste of our beer and even creates a lighter body that allows you to drink more without feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Come on in and have a glass – you won’t even taste the difference!

If you would like to do a little research on gluten reduction, please feel free to check out these links:

  • Click here to read some more about Brewers’ Clarex, the enzyme that Clarity-Ferm is made from.
  • To see how Stone Brewing Co. has also incorporated this enzyme, click here.
  • Here is the Google Scholar search results on Brewers Clarex.
  • And finally, here isan example experiment looking at the gluten reduction potential of Clarity-Ferm:
    Part 1
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